Criminal Inadmissibility Canada

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If you have committed or have been in convicted of a crime, you may not be allowed to enter Canada.

It all depends on whether it was a minor or serious crime, how many were committed and how long ago you committed or were convicted of the crime(s) will determine your admissibility to Canada.

Under Canada’s immigration law, you must prove to the officer on of the following:

  • Deemed rehabilitated– Enough time has passed since being convicted of the crime.
  • Applied for rehabilitation– You are not likely to commit new crimes.
  • Were granted Record Suspension (Pardon) – You will no longer be inadmissible to Canada. The officer at the border will most likely check to make sure you are not inadmissible for other reasons.

If you a valid reason to travel to Canada and you are inadmissible, you may be issued a Temporary resident Permit, the immigration officer will decide the length of your permit and whether your entry outweighs the safety risks to Canadian society.

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